Girly Man

I watched the mega popular documentary “Grizzly Man” this weekend. That guy was a crazy mo-fo. Not in a what a bad-ass way that you would expect, but in a did that guy just say he wishes he was born gay because it would be easier? way.

Here are some of the preposterous things he believed:

  1. That he was protecting the bears
  2. That he was conducting scientific research
  3. It would have been easier if he was gay because he could just go to truckstops
  4. That a smiley face drawn on a rock was a warning from someone trying to kill him
  5. That the park policies of staying 100 yards away from bears and having to move your camp every seven days were bullshit
  6. That it mattered in some way what color bandanna he was wearing
  7. That he was cool

3 responses to “Girly Man”

  1. Zervas says:

    yeah, his random breaking down into tears was pretty odd as well. That rock thing, wtf. some people left him a little pile of rocks with a smiley face just to say “hi”. cause there was this crazy mofo watching them for weeks. and he took that as a “threat” it was the least threatening thing I ever saw.
    I think my favourite part of the film was having his ex-girlfriend talk about him. she was a totally stupid hippy type drama queen who you could tell was deep down super excited her ex-boyfriend was killed by a bear so she could show off some stupid watch of his to anyone she could make listen and by doing so make herself feel important.
    all in all he was one crazy sonofabitch and as one dude said, he got what he was asking for. he did a bang up job of protecting those beers too, especially the one killed specifically because of his dumb ass getting eaten by it.

  2. chriscoyier says:

    I should say, I did enjoy the film. I thought it was pretty well done and it had me thinking about it. There was a lot of similarities between the personalities in this film and some of the featured personalities in the documentary “Home Movie”. You should Netflix that if you haven’t. It’s from the same director as “American Movie”. Both fantastic films.

    Did you get that documentary I sent you in the mail? I think I sent you the one about the crazy Scrabble fanatics, but it might have been the one about the crazy bastards that live in abandoned underground tunnels in NYC.

  3. Zervas says:

    I also enjoyed the film but that doesn’t mean Timothy Treadwell wasn’t super crazy. It really highlighted how manic depressives can be, well that mixed in with some unspecified, generic crazy. I’ve actually had Home Movie recommended to me previously so I’ll probably give it a try.
    I got the dvd yesterday but I haven’t had a chance to look at it let. It’s called word wars so I’m assuming it’s the scrabble one. I’m looking forward to that, one of my roommates is pretty into scrabble and better than me at it so there’s usually a good game to be had round these parts. I also appreciate the netflix t-shirt. This has increased my shirt supply by 12%, having few clothes is a side effect of moving across the country with only carry-on baggage.
    I’m also interested in the nyc mole people, there was a book written some years ago about them that has since been widely discredited but it’s naive to think that people don’t live down there so I’d like to see where fact and fiction come together.

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