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Girly Man

I watched the mega popular documentary “Grizzly Man” this weekend. That guy was a crazy mo-fo. Not in a what a bad-ass way that you would expect, but in a did that guy just say he wishes he was born gay because it would be easier? way.

Here are some of the preposterous things he believed:

  1. That he was protecting the bears
  2. That he was conducting scientific research
  3. It would have been easier if he was gay because he could just go to truckstops
  4. That a smiley face drawn on a rock was a warning from someone trying to kill him
  5. That the park policies of staying 100 yards away from bears and having to move your camp every seven days were bullshit
  6. That it mattered in some way what color bandanna he was wearing
  7. That he was cool