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Value Judgements on Games

I learned to play Backgammon this weekend and ended up playing about 50 games in all. It’s a super fun game that I would recommend to anyone. I find myself playing a lot of games recently to pass the time.

Here are my value judgments on some games:

  1. Checkers: I like that its strategy based and doesn’t rely on chance. It’s kind of childish though and I don’t like the tension in the beginning of the game. One dumb move in checkers often has extreme game-turning consequences which isn’t my style. D
  2. Cribbage: It’s easy to learn and the games go fast. There is strategy that isn’t hard to pick up on, but could take a lot of time to master. A
  3. Backgammon: All kinds of strategy ranging from playing it safe to balls out action. Dice rolling is fun. Betting is involved. The board looks cool. A
  4. Chess: Complicated. Beginning players will be crushed by even advanced beginners. A lot of pretentiousness involved. Nerdy. C
  5. Euchre: Medium-level learning curve. Fun for bigger groups of people. Goes good with drinking and smoking and talking shit. Lots of strategy ranging up to very advanced play. Opportunities for big moments. A
  6. Su-Do-Ku: Really only one player. Attempts at making it a family game are lame. Really entertaining and easy way to kill 15 minutes. Always solvable with persistence. Improvement in skill level comes quickly. A
  7. Crossword puzzles: Too much reliance on obscure knowledge. Often unsolvable without cheating or research. Some pretentiousness involved. Can be fun if you get on a roll. Makes you feel stupid when you only know 2 answers on entire puzzle. C
  8. Minesweeper: Can be fun, but one mis-click on the mouse can really screw you. Sometimes you are forced to make a random decision which is bullshit. C
  9. Point and drink: All fun, all the time. A