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Technical Difficulties

I drove up to Pardeeville High School this morning to be a guest speaker in some business class about web design and to give the kids some information about how you can go about actually publishing a web site you design on the internet.

Here is a list of things that went wrong:

  1. After quickly figuring out how the projector worked and hooking up my laptop, which worked perfectly, I couldn’t seem to get myself on their network. This killed about two-thirds of my presentation.
  2. After giving up and hooking up the normal projector computer, many of the websites I wanted to show them were blocked, including the administration panels of my own websites, which I think they would have found interesting.
  3. I used the rest of the time meandering between subjects as unrelated as what bandwidth is and how CSS works.
  4. I accidentally swore a couple of times.

Well, I guess if anybody learned anything, it was worth it. At least I got the morning off of work.