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Doesn’t Have Much To Do With Firewalls

Being fresh out of unwatched Netflix DVD’s and in need of some entertainment, I went to the theater to see Firewall last night. Despite there being some questionable tech(*) and having nothing to do with firewalls, it was a satisfying action-thriller. Mary Lynn Rajskub played the secretary in all her I’m-kinda-hot-in-an-Emily-Watson-kinda-way glory.

Here are some things that I learned:

  1. Harrison Ford has a great screen presence but always plays the same role in his movies, which limits my willingness to call him a ‘good actor’.
  2. Tuesday night at 7:15pm in February is a great time to go see a movie
  3. If there is a team of bad guys with guns holding you hostage, who have killed one of their own to prove they are serious, it is still possible to get a relaxed good nights sleep.
  4. I’m so lame that even formulaic Hollywood bread & butter films like this, that I’ve seen a hundred times over in different forms, still please me.

*Harrison Ford used the scanner head from a cheap fax machine connected directly to a pink iPod Mini to capture account numbers from a scrolling computer screen.