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I wish I was a catfish

One of my favorite bands was in town last night: Foghorn String Band. They are originally from Portland, Oregon which is cool because I have several friends living out there now, so I can plan a visit around a show. Closing up was the Wilders, who another one of those ruckus-raising power country bands. The fiddle player looked like Bride of Chucky only, you know, not as small. The show concluded with the obligatory “group jam” which was amazing. They even marched off stage and played an extra long old-time fiddle tune in a tight group right smack in the middle of the crowd.

Even if you were unable to hear the music, you could distinguish old-time music (and old folk and bluegrass for that matter) by reading through the lyrics. The themes are often the same: Drinking, Cheating, Stealing, Killing, Preaching, Old Churches, The Appalachian Mountains, Country Food, Farm Animals, Beautiful Women, Lyin’, the list goes on. With this resurgence of old-time music, I think these new bands should touch upon some new themes to bring the music up to date (and beyond).

Here are some ideas:

  1. Robots
  2. Time Travel
  3. Mass Transit
  4. Digital Rights Management
  5. Nuclear Power
  6. Unrest in the Middleeast
  7. High-Definition Television
  8. The impending Apocolypse