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10 Funniest Cartoons Ever

There seems to be some confusion on this issue, so I’m here to smack the mallet and let it be known. Without further delay,

Here are the funniest shows ever, 10 being the funniest:

  1. American Dad
    It’s still pretty new, so it really could go up or down. It’s had some damn funny episodes though.

  2. Drawn Together
    I was late to find this show. I think I just assumed I would hate it, since I have a pretty burning hatred toward the reality genre in general, but this show has some serious bite. It’s pretty amazing what they can pull off in this show, I find it much more shocking than South Park, especially the episodes that air late at night where they crank up the swearing and nudity.

  3. Sealab 2021
    I stopped watching this show after the voice of Captain Murphy died, but in its hay-day (aka Happy Cake) it was amazing. Super weird, funny…and amazing.
  4. King of the Hill
    Anybody who doesn’t watch this because they think it’s just a bunch of lame redneck humor is missing out. I mean, it’s a bunch of redneck humor, but the characters have a lot of depth. It’s a family sitcom that hits closer to home than family sitcoms with real people.
  5. Home Movies
    Adult swim classic. H. Jon Benjamin knows funny.
  6. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    Probably the most quoted television show ever. It’s like a whole show of one-liners. Plus I think it takes a lot of guts to characters made of fast food and actually write for it and make it funny.
  7. strong>Simpsons
    WTF? Why isn’t this number one? blah blah. I love the Simpsons. It paved the way for anything and everything after it. It’s had a long and glorious lifetime, but its reign is over. Some of its bastard children are now funnier than it ever was.
  8. South Park
    Watching a new episode of South Park for the first time is one of life great pleasures. Never before has a show managed to insult so many different things so perfectly. And they do it so well you have no choice but to agree with them. Plus you always get a little life lesson, which is nice.
  9. Futurama.
    I’m not going to give a big speech. If you have any nerd in you at all, Futurama is king. This show has so many layers of humor I’m sure there is tons of stuff I’ve haven’t caught the tenth time through an episode.
  10. Arrested Development
    But Chris! Arrested Development isn’t a cartoon! This is my blog, I do what I want. Arrested Development is the funniest show ever.