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Welcome to Chris Lists.

This is the grand unveiling of what is sure to be the greatest, and most useless blog, ever. I, along with a small and ever-growing team of writers, hope to bring you steaming loads of fresh content on a daily basis. Our entries will range from tech news to groceries, from celebrity gossip to international politics, and from travel to rants about hippies. Of course, all this is going to come at you in the greatest internet tradition of all time: the list. Without further adue, allow me to create our first list.

8 Things I don’t want for Christmas:

  1. A punch in the face
  2. Hepatitis C (B’s cool)
  3. Leadership of a small nation
  4. Sex in the City DVD’s
  5. This
  6. To be sabotaged
  7. Netflix Throttling
  8. Coal