July 2023


Nate Bargatze

Dude is so funny. I just started watching his specials. I watched Full Time Magic on a plane the other week and I was dying. YouTube has got a bunch of clips, of course. Here are 21 minutes of gold: He’s got a new 2023 thing called Hello, World! that I obviously need to get […]

Wisconsin Trip

Ruby was clearly annoyed that we were waiting at the luggage claim so far away from where the luggage came out of the wall. She didnโ€™t say anything โ€” it was about midnight when we got to the Madison, Wisconsin airport and we were both tired โ€” she just trudged over to the start of […]

Sass Features in CSS

The demise of Sass has long been foretold. Sass’ features are making their way into CSS, they say, so why bother with an additional build tool? I like that sentiment. What do they say about web platform tools again? Any good tool should live long enough to see itself made redundant. Something like that. What’s […]

Mule Barn

I’m writing this from a place called Port Townsend, Washington. It’s more Northwesty in the great United States than even Seattle is, but just shy of Olympic National Park. This is Twilight territory. Like the movie. You should watch that first one again it was really pretty good. Did you know Fifty Shades of Gray […]

Scroll-Driven Animation Trick for Fit-To-Width Text

Fit-to-Width Text (from Roman Komarov) is a full-blown 5-star bonafide CSS trick if there ever was one. The idea is “size text to the container” in CSS alone (at least scale it down if it’s too big/long. The trick is a “scroll-driven animation” and text that overflows a container. As it overflows, it scrolls, thus […]

Every Day

Just kidding do whatever you want.

Social RSS

A little bit from David Pierce’s Who killed Google Reader? One feature took off immediately, for power users and casual readers alike: a simple sharing system that let users subscribe to see someone elseโ€™s starred items or share their collection of subscriptions with other people. The Reader team eventually built comments, a Share With Note […]

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