There are TWO SCOOPS of Raisins in Raisin Bran

I just want to make sure y’all understand how many raisins there aren’t in Raisin Bran:

  • 1.75 scoops
  • 2.2 scoops
  • 1.333 (repeating) scoops
  • π scoops
  • −12i scoops
  • VIII scoops
  • 3 scoops

There are this many scoops:

  • 3√8
  • 2!
  • Two, there are two scoops people what about this is hard. please don’t ask any questions about how many raisins there are in a scoop. just imagine a regular-sized scoop. regular ol regular scoop that a regular ol anthropomorphized sun would hold in their golden lobster claws

They should call it Raisins Bran! Plural! Because there is more than one raisin in there!!



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