Mike Davidson on the Twitter/Elon thing

… we all found out this month that the company is now on the cusp of going private again, at the hands of Elon Musk.

Some people β€” although no employees I am aware of β€” seem to think this is the greatest news in the world. Some people think it’s the worst news they could imagine. Is it possible though that it’s neither?

– Mike Davidson, Anchors Away

A great perspective on it all. About as baby-bear porridge as it gets. Mike covers a ton of different angles and possibilities that all seem like real possibilities. The outcomes are all totally unknown, but the choices are guessable.

One thing that I can’t shake from my mind is employee retention. If Elon goes “Maniac Mode”, as Mike put it, and the existing employees aren’t into the choices, I gotta think that’s gonna cost you a heaping pile of employees. If you lose a bunch of deep expertise in, ya know, actually running the Twitter machine, I have doubts that you can just hire-up really quick and actually execute on anything.


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