Where them individual borders in Figma at?

You gotta imagine 90%+ of work in Figma is website bound. And Figma does great stuff that makes elements more web-like, like the wonderful auto layout. But in CSS, we can easily control the borders on all four sides of an element with border. That’s border-top, border-right, border-bottom, and border-left, or with logical properties, border-block-start, border-inline-end, border-block-end, and border-inline-start. And people do this! A lot! I find it just strange that Figma doesn’t support it.

You can kinda do it, you just have to resort to trickery. Here’s Claire Parker-Jones explaining how to use shadows to replicate it. And Joseph Angelo Todaro with the same trick in Sketch. Annnnd Adi Purdila with the same trick in Adobe XD. Does no design tool offer one-sided borders? What in the dickens?