Chris Coyier

Dick Avoidance

There is a bit of a silver lining to someone being a dick to you: you never have to deal with them again! Farewell, hoss. I don’t have to listen to you. I don’t have to work with you. I don’t have to look at you.

But with a bit of self-reflection there, that’s awfully privileged. It makes me think I’ve kinda orchestrated my life to make sure I’m in a position where this is true. I run my own businesses so I’m not forced into being a co-worker with a dick. I own my own house so I don’t have property managers I might think is a dick. My closest neighbors don’t even live particularly close. My closest family is hundreds of miles away. I think I’ve managed a sort of power dynamic such that I’m protected from dickery. That’s my conflict aversion on full-blast.

So many people have no choice though. Their boss is a dick, but they need the job. Their locker is right next to some dick they have to deal with for 4 years of high school. They share a backyard with a family of dicks and moving just isn’t an option. A dick drives tanks in their country.

My avoidance strategy is so-far-so-good I guess, but I certainly haven’t honed any skills for with dealing with dicks, which would almost certainly make me a stronger person.