Chris Coyier

I’m so curious about what Twitter employees are thinking and feeling.

It is surely irresistible clickbait to report “bad”, so grain of salt there, but all the headlines are like “bad”.

I’m mostly just curious from an emphatic holy shit what a weird place to be in perspective.

But the employee’s perspective matters because, well, you say all you want about what you plan to do with the company but if there is a big exodus and/or morale is super low, you can’t do shit. Maybe eventually you re-hire a whole big new staff of heart-eyes-Elon employees that are also tech-at-scale proficient (good luck), that’s gonna take a while and who knows what kinda platform rot happens in the meantime.

Just in looking at employee tweets and seeing the absolutely incredible amount of hate/troll crap they get on tweets related to this acquisition, it’s hard to imagine Twitter getting better with less moderation (more “free speech”, as is apparently the whole point of all this).

Surely Robin will be right:

Arguing about the future of Twitter is a loser’s game; a dead end. The platform’s only conclusion can be abandonment: an overdue MySpace-ification.

It’s just a matter of how swiftly it happens.