Updating Discord

I’ve been using Discord maybe… 18 months? A little bit of a latecomer. It’s a great service and has really displaced Slack for communities. Almost certainly because it’s free, inviting people is as simple as giving them a URL, and the permissions/moderation controls are good. I’m a member of a number of mostly tech-focused Discord servers, and even run a “paid” one for ShopTalk Show.

Ya know what I do on Discord? Type text that other people can read, and read text that other people have typed. Maybe an image here or there. The voice and video channels are fun once in a while. Aside from the threads feature, which I think is pretty well done, nothing has really changed in the year and a half I’ve used Discord. Not complaining. Not sure I care if it ever changes, it does what it does just great.

And yet:

Update Ready!

There are updates! To my Discord! I always feel compelled to click that thing. A couple of times a day, I’d say. They push a lot of code, this Discord team. Nothing ever seems to change after I do it, but heck if I didn’t apply the updates.

I’m starting to get mad at myself for clicking it. I’ve clicked it hundreds of times for nothing. Why Chris? Why do you click the nothing button? Why Discord? Why do you make me click the nothing button?

I kinda feel the same way about Oh My Zsh. There is an update every week or so, I always do it, but I do so precious little with the command line that never has it (seemed to) affect my life in any way.