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Explanation to Apple Support on my iPhone Repair Payment

Monday, October 25th, 2021

Hey Apple! Thanks for making cool phones.

I use the iPhone Upgrade Program. As you know, the iPhone 13 recently came out, so it’s that time of year where I send in my old model (iPhone 12) and get the new model.

When I sent my iPhone 12 back, the back of the phone was cracked. Also as you know, that means I need to need to pay for the repair before the trade-in is complete. This is made very clear on your website:

The problem is that when I press that Continue to Payment button, I go to an error page. I’ll say it again bigger:

The problem is that when I press that Continue to Payment button, I go to an error page.

The error page says “Something went wrong.” — which is not helpful. Here is that:

It does this in every browser on iOS or macOS, so it’s a your website problem not a browser problem.

I tried reaching out on Twitter:

Your reply was to contact you, so I’ve done that a number of ways. I tried chat, but chat is just talking to a computer and they could not understand my problem. Then I called. You can see that under:

I was transferred to three different people. The last person said the problem was that my credit card information was wrong (or something? It was extremely unclear). They took my new credit card information over the phone and said the problem would be fixed. The phone for the repair:

But I’m still getting emails from you about this service fee being unpaid.

That’s pretty uncool of the phone service person to tell me the problem was fixed when it wasn’t.

This is what worries me:

If the fee is not paid on time, the iPhone will be sent back to you and the associated loan will resume — in addition to any payments for your new iPhone.

I don’t want that. I don’t want to be paying for two phones, which it sounds like this would do?? I want to pay you the $29 I owe you and move on. But I can’t pay you the $29 because your website won’t take it.

Is that clear enough? Could I get some assistance?