June 2021


Going Full Pascal

A nice life story from Rands. For me, Pascal was high school, and I would have loved it if I could have written Pascal in college. I bet it would have changed my life, because I would have rolled in with confidence on the language, and I do better in situations like that. But no, […]


There is definitely an alternate universe where I stayed in the printing industry longer. But I was still super cool, so what I ultimately did was bought one of these rad RISO Digital Duplicators and I just had a little shop that made underground zines and supported the shop by printing them for other people. […]

40 for 40

I’m turning 41 soon, so I needed to get my list done while I’m still 40. Every decision we make, big and small, short-term and long-term, is an effort to improve our mood. Errrrybody got demons. Little is more powerful than writing. Look, it’s working! You’re getting to know me, and that’s a powerful thing. […]

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