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Watchhouse is the new Mandolin Orange

I like this:

… gave us the opportunity to sit with ourselves and set intentions.

I’ve always been scared of major name changes. I run “CSS-Tricks” which is a name of site that really no longer fits the content of the site, in addition to just being cheesy. But the work involved with changing and the potential downsides have always felt like too big a risk to be worth it.

But is it?

What are the costs of sticking with a name that no longer suits you? Are you punting on an opportunity for reinvigoration? How do you do it?

At least in tech I can make the change very boldly. I could buy a new domain and do 301 permanent redirects. I could change the name, both legally and branding-wise, not just one the site but all the surrounding social media. I could come up with a strategy to make it swift and comprehensive.

But a band feels even harder. Do you re-do the album artwork? Will companies like Spotify even let you do it really? Are there other legalities at play? Or do you just let the old music stand and start fresh with the new name? I suspect it’ll be that last one, but we’ll see!