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1992 Tennessee Banjo Institute

I randomly watched The Librarian and The Banjo the other day. It was a short documentary about Dena J. Epstein and her effort to document the history of black slave music. That culminated in the book Sinful Tunes and Spirituals (I’ve ordered it).

The 1992 Tennessee Banjo Institute was mentioned in it, which I had never heard of it. It was “The greatest summit in the history of the world!” according to the title of the video that came out after it, Banjo Meltdown. The whole thing is on YouTube and it’s awesome:

Old-time and bluegrass are there for sure, but so many different styles. Folk, blues, jazz, irish, cajun, classical… very multi-cultural, and in a way that is electric and exciting. It would definitely be a stop on my tour once time machines are invented.