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Careful you don’t attach a screenshot you don’t want to when submitting a Chrome Bug Report

I just almost did this, so a little PSA. This is the screen you get in Chrome when you go to Help > Report an issue…

See that little thumbnail? That’s a screenshot of BOTH of my active monitors. I didn’t ask for it to be taken nor was there any indication it was being taken. It’s just… there. It’s also pretty tiny, not helped by the fact that it’s both my screens side by side.

If you don’t notice, and check that checkbox asking if you’d like to include it (which you might particularly if you upload you own file right above and assume you need to check the box to send that), you’ll send that with your support ticket.

God knows what they get in those reports. People’s bank account screens being open. Private Whatsapp conversations. Porn, for sure.