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Man to Man

My wife sent me the story My Cousin Was My Hero. Until the Day He Tried to Kill Me. from Wil S. Hylton to listen to. It’s pretty intense. Ultimately it’s a story about masculinity and how it plays out in two different men.

Part of the ending:

The Pantheon of Male Tropes… Masculinity is a religion. It’s a compendium of saints. The vaunted patriarch. The taciturn cowboy. The errant knight. The reluctant hero. Gentle giant. And omniscient father.

It reminds me of a random comment-and-reply I saw on Reddit the other day. Someone posted about their dad and pandemic times, saying that he’s been a rock since the 70’s, but has started to admit he is depressed. Someone responded saying that all dads who have been a total rock since the 70’s are depressed.