Video Conversion

I recently downloaded some television programs from one of those websites that, uh, helps you do that. These days, I just stream 99% of stuff I want to watch and am happy with that, but one of my favorite shows of all time (Northern Exposure) isn’t available to stream. I own the entire box set on DVD, but I’ve never had luck converting those myself. So, whatever, I downloaded them.

One thing I did right away was used Renamer to make the file names better. Just a little quality of life thing.

VLC player had no trouble playing them…

But, I thought it would be more versitle on my Mac to get them into something that the “TV” app could understand. And thus use Home Sharing to watch on my AppleTV, should I choose.

I tried converting in VLC, but it can only do one at a time! Worse, after converting, there was no sound.

Fortunately I found a forum thread with the answer. Thanks to Brendoe there!

When using the mp4 option i clicked the audio codec and chose the MPEG 4 audio (AAC) option instead of the default mpeg audio and changed the sample rate to 48000.

So, like this:

I ended up splurging on the Wondershare converter because it didn’t have the sound issues at all, and could batch convert like I wanted.

They work fine in the TV app:

And as long as I have Home Sharing on (and I’m on the same WiFi network) I can watch them on AppleTV: