The Banjo is an African Instrument

Highly educational Instagram post right here from Gahmya Drummond-Bey, that my wife shared with me:

While I’ve long known the banjo was an African instrument, it’s nice to dig in more and understand that at a slightly deeper level from some wider and more diverse sources. My previous knowledge was largely rooted in some fellow white dudes explanations, like BΓ©la Fleck’s Throw Down Your Heart and Bill Evans explanations. Don’t miss David Holt talking to Rhiannon Giddens though.

The resources:

The kind of music I’m most involved in is old time, which I think you could argue has an even more direct line to African music and instruments than country and bluegrass. I’d do well to remember that, as my experience on a day to day basic with the music is playing with people and going to events that are predominately white.

So yep. Blues. Jazz. Hip-hop. Reggae. Funk. Gospel. Soul. Swing. Zydeco. Country. It all is rooted in Black music.