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In C / Bb

Darren Solomon released a neat project: In Bb 2.0. The “more info…” section doesn’t explicitly say this (so maybe it’s just obvious?) but it seems like a clear nod to Terry Riley’s In C.

In C consists of 53 short, numbered musical phrases, lasting from half a beat to 32 beats; each phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times. Each musician has control over which phrase they play: players are encouraged to play the phrases starting at different times, even if they are playing the same phrase.

The only reason I know about In C is that back in 2016 I went to a CodePen Meetup where a fella named Bryant Smith did a live music demo of him performing the piece all by himself on a trombone. No joke! Fortunately, Matt Soria has it blogged and there was a video captured of it.

It was really a stunning thing to see.

Darren’s thing is kinda like that only you start and stop YouTube videos.

Bryant’s technology approach was a bit fancier with the Web Audio API recording snippets and randomzing playback:

See the Pen Repeater Orchestra (1.0) by Bryant Smith (@barefootfunk) on CodePen.

Jake also replicated the In C experience entirely virtually:

See the Pen “In C” by Terry Riley by Jake Albaugh (@jakealbaugh) on CodePen.