The personal website of Chris Coyier

Choosy, but for everything except the main thing it’s for.

After seeing some folks do this, I was inspired.

The main marketed feature of Choosy is opening particular links in the browser of your choice. I’m not particularly interested in that. Not that I don’t use multiple browsers sometimes, I just don’t wanna be asked every time I click a link.

What I am interested in is the type of links that aren’t even really links. They are just identifiers to hop you over to a native app to a particular place. Zoom is a big one of course, but I actually have this somewhat annoying issue with lots of apps. I generally prefer using the desktop app version of things, even if it’s just a web wrapper. One thing I like is just being able to close the window entirely and pop it back open right where I was, which you can’t do with browser tabs.

My list includes not just Zoom and Notion, but also Figma and Front.

I tried Slack but I don’t think it works right.