July 2019


Bluegrass ≠ Old Time

In my days of playing in acoustic bands, people would come up and ask me if the instrument I was playing was a ukulele (it was a mandolin). To me, that was kind of like mistaking War and Peace for a coloring book (lol rude srry). But I understood. Not everybody knows the name of […]

Animated Knots

What a treasure of a site. At least once a year I find myself needing some kind of knot that I don’t know how to die but assume exists. Recently it was a knot where you tie it first, then can tighten it by pulling after you’ve tied it. Looks like that’s probably this one.

Charlie Peter

Nice save. Original on reel-to-reel. Dubbed to 3/4″ cassette. Dubbed again to digital. Sounds pretty good for all the churn.

Sound & Fury

Did NOT see this coming from Sturgill Simpson, but I’m excited for it.

👍👎 Phish

I love Rob Weychert‘s review of being taken to a Phish concert. Rob certainly wasn’t won over, but an even-keeled attitude was forged: Like most people, I don’t believe taste has objective value, and like most people, that doesn’t stop me from behaving as if it does. I guess it’s got to do with status […]

Banjo Emoji

I don’t think it’s actually arrived yet (sometime in 2019?) but I’m all about having a banjo emoji. I’m not exactly marginalized by not yet having an emoji for one of the main instruments I play, so clearly the bigger story here is multi-person skin tone emojis. Hats off to all of them, really.


A Slack I’m in was popping with sick Jolene JPGs and I wanted to make sure to never lose them so.

Better Arms than Legs

I broke both my arms. Both! It kinda sucks. It’s not gruesome like a big thick bone snapped in half, it’s fracturing at the radial heads of both elbows. One elbow has horizontal fracturing and one vertical. Both kinda equally damaged, but the right feels better than the left. It happened while mountain biking. There […]

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