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USA Spending

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Very nicely done site that allows you explore where the United States government spends money.

I figured I’d try to find out a very basic question… how much of the federal budget goes to military spending. I’d seen pie charts like this that say 54% ($598.5 billion of 1.11 trillion in 2015). Then this site, for 2016, says it was 16% ($605 billion of 3.9 trillion), although doesn’t use the word military, says “Defense and international security assistance”. This site has “National defense” in 2017 as 0.73% (36 billion of 4.9 trillion).

I’m sure the answer is you aren’t looking at this and thinking about it correctly, as is always the case when trying to wrap your head around something as complex as this.

I just like to fantasize about a country that could find a way to pull a couple tens of billions out of missiles and sink it into educational spending.