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How about some little old time stomper puppets that dance because they are attached to a string that is tied to a guitar’s head and a banjo players hand?

Monday, October 23rd, 2017


Everything is fine

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

I’m already OK with the next mass shooting.

Whenever that may be, I’ve already focused my thoughts and prayers on those victims and their families, so we’re good there.

I’d like to be clear that considering the circumstances of this tragic event, absolutely nothing can be done about them, whatever they are.

After this national disaster happens, remember that that won’t be the time to talk about the culture and regulations that led to it. That political mumbo-jumbo can happen some other time, once the literal smoke clears.

As someone who has traveled to many different countries around the world, let me be one to tell you there is nothing to be learned from them. Whatever data you may have seen showing that regulatory change can be effective, remember some countries don’t even speak English.

As disturbing as it might be to think about all those fellow human beings whose lives were cut short from a legally purchased weapon designed to kill people as quickly and efficiently as possible, it’s not as disturbing as having to reconsider our opinions.

So when the next mass shooting happens (you may want to check the news if it’s been five or more minutes since you have last), remember that it’s perfectly fine, and if anything, you might be able to spin it somehow to benefit you.