June 2017


A Trip to The Hamilton Wood Type Museum

The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin is an amazing place. Miranda and I went up there for a weekend and did a full day tour/workshop thing. Here’s a little story of the weekend through pictures. This is a somewhat rare form of wood type, where the letterform was applied to the wood […]

Core Beliefs

Imagine you’re a really young kid, but you understand what people say to you. They tell you things in a really serious way. They tell you this is the way things are. This is the truth. But they say it differently than they say other things. You can tell. This seems important. This isn’t to […]

ZaneRay in Whitefish, Montana

Media Temple and I had a little contest where I’d visit some agency somewhere in the U.S. We had a bunch of great entries. The winner was ZaneRay, in Whitefish, Montana. They are a great team and we had a great time. They wrote about it here. Chris and the Media Temple team were outstanding. […]

Newaukeean of the Week

Published here. Where do you work and what makes your role awesome? I’m a web designer and developer. I work on three projects: CodePen, CSS-Tricks, and ShopTalk Show. Web work is my job, hobby, and passion, so I’m very lucky that I’ve gotten to turn it into a career of my own making. How long […]

Say you’re going on a difficult 4-hour hike

Can you make it? Your fitness factors in. Do you do 4-hour hikes all the time? You’ll be fine. Are you a skinny little thing that skips around all day? You’ll be fine. Are you overweight and haven’t hiked that far in a year? Ya might not make it. Your attitude factors in. Are you […]

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