As You Do

  1. Go on the road and bring microphone with you, because you have to record a podcast
  2. Realize it’s a USB mic, but your new laptop only has USB-C
  3. Buy adapters on Amazon, and have shipped overnight
  4. Realize you’ve set up mail forwarding, so adapters will be re-routed
  5. Buy adapters again, and ship to address that won’t forward but you can still recieve
  6. First adapters DO arrive. Forwarding only for USPS not UPS
  7. Realize they are the wrong adapters
  8. Try to cancel second order. Too late.
  9. Order correct adapters, send to second address.
  10. Realize those adapters will not arrive in time.
  11. Go to store to by FOURTH set of adapters
  12. Get home in time, have correct adapters
  13. Mail person comes with the correct apapters in time

All to record an unsponsored podcast like 10 people will listen to