My Life in 2016

I get to do amazing things in life. I should probably write them down. As I was doing this, I was rather astounded how busy a year can be. Especially in realizing that these were only the big highlights. This doesn’t reflect all the little day-to-day stuff and in-town events that I’d consider just as important, on the whole.

In January

I got to travel to New York. I went there because Lara Schenck was throwing a CodePen holiday party and I really wanted to be at it. New York has had a number of really fun CodePen Meetups, and this was a great way to celebrate that. While I was in town, I also got to speak at BrooklynJS, which is just one of many very successful home-grown JavaScript-focused meetups that happen in New York.

In February

In February I drove from Milwaukee to Washington DC in order to pack up my then-girlfriend Miranda’s house and move back to Milwaukee to live with me!

I also joined CrossFit for the first time, which I’ve kept with pretty strongly throughout the year.

In March

I went to Tampa, Florida for our first-ever CodePen all-team get-together. That is, after we hired all the people we intended to hire after our first round of funding.

I also traveled to San Fransico where I was invited to MC a conference for the first time. The conference was Clarity, a conference entirely focused on style guides. I stuck around to attend the SND conference as well. Both of them were very interesting and outside of my normal all-web focused conferences.

In April

I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina for the ConvergeSE conference. Converge is a fun conference in that it really give you a chance to bounce around Columbia and get to know it. I’ve gone to this one a bunch of times. This one was a bit special in that it was the second time we got some CodePen teammates together to share an AirBnB house all together. We rented the same exact house 2 years in a row, and the year previous is when the idea to take funding for CodePen was born.

Miranda came with me to Converge, and right after that, we flew up to Juneau, Alaska to visit some friends who were moving away and we wanted to see one more time while they were there. Like the first time I went, it was absolutely amazing and made me love Alaska even more than I already did.

In May

We didn’t do an awful lot of traveling. Which is awesome, because that means we were just soaking in life in Milwaukee in summer. We went to the letterpress shop a bunch. We camped the last weekend in Lake Geneva at a sheep dog trial competition.

In June

We didn’t get to relax nearly as much. The first weekend we spent camping in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the Blue Ox music festival. The next weekend we camped in Door County for the beer festival there. The next weekend I traveled to Pittsburg for Web Design Day and had to scuttle back home quick for my cousin’s wedding.

In July

My mom turned 60 and we threw a party. I hopped down to New Orleans for my friends bachelor party. Then we had a few nice weeks at home before Miranda’s parents arrived and we went on a family vacation to Crooked Lake in North East Indiana.

In August

We took an easy trip down to Chicago to see Pearl Jam and then attend a CodePen Meetup later in the week. Came home and turned right back around the next weekend for a wedding in Chicago.

My book Practical SVG was published in August as well.

In September

We did a long camping trip to North Carolina, starting at the Hoppin’ John Bluegrass and Old Time Fiddlers Convention. Then we spent a few days at air AirBnB in Hendersonville before giving that up to camp some more along the Old Broad river in Asheville. But before leaving, we went for a nice hike in DuPont State Forest and GOT ENGAGED (woot!). Leaving North Carolina was weird as it was during an unexpected gas shortage. It was actually rather hard to find gas, but it was clearning up just as we were leaving.

In October

We took a trip to Orlando for the special An Event Apart conference there. My first time at Disney. Miranda has family there, so we got to spend some time with them. Miranda had also just landed a job at FIU and took the opportunity to head down to Miami and kick that off.

We also got trapped in Orlando (right at the Contemporary) for a number of extra days because of Hurricane Matthew. My family back home had bought tickets for everyone to see The Book of Mormon, but we missed it because of the cancelled flights.

October stayed busy for me, with a trip to San Antonio, Texas for CSS Dev Conf and a trip to Bentonville, Arkansas for Made By Few.

In November

We up and moved to Miami (just for the winter, but who knows).

Then as soon as we got there, we hopped on a plane to spend Thanksgiving with Miranda’s parents in Los Angeles. We spend Thanksgiving itself on Santa Catalina Island.

In December

Well, December hasn’t started yet as I write this, so who knows what will happen, but the plan is to keep it pretty light. We originally planned to drive back to Wisconsin for xmas, which we still might, but between the stress, time, and cost of travel, with might just have to stay down here and have a little tropical holiday for ourselves.