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“Milwaukee Sucks For Startups”

Good writing by Bryant Randall, responding to Wisconsin being “dead last”, again, for startups.. Some choice quotes:

On paper, I’m everything the city says it wants. Every opportunity afforded to me, diverse, I grew up affluent, college educated, with good credit and a head full of market vetted ideas – yet I can get nowhere in this city.

There should be a clearly defined, easy to replicate path that anyone with an idea, from any background, with disregard to their station in life and means, can submit that idea and have it considered for funding on merit alone. We don’t have that and we never have.

Milwaukee doesn’t need another bar, or froyo shack or nail salon paying low skilled people low incomes. They need new legacy companies and people with those ideas are leaving in droves

I don’t disagree on any particular point, although I haven’t lived it nearly as closely as Bryant has. What I would add…