January 2016


Hey Chris, Is Your Lynda.com Course Still Up To Date?

I get this one a lot! The course in question is WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes. The course was published in November 2010. WordPress was version 3.0. As I write this in January 2016, it’s 4.4.1. Only one major version it may look like, but that’s actually quite a few major WordPress releases. […]

I was gonna tweet this but

So Making a Murderer is season 3 of Fargo? — Garbage Pale Kid (@_smendahs_) January 9, 2016 Making A Murderer: did Fargo Season 3 release early? #youbetcha — Adam Lunceford (@adamlunceford) January 8, 2016 I feel like Making a Murderer is a season of Fargo. #wtf — Manda (@manda615) January 7, 2016 Thought I was […]

Chris’ Law of Places

Any place with hot showers, good internet, privacy, and safety are interchangeably wonderful.

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