April 2015



My trip to Columbia and New York was EPIC. I just have to write it all down to memorialize it. First stop was Columbia. I arrived a day earlier than everyone else and stayed at the Sheraton downtown. It’s a very nice, old-feeling hotel (especially for a Sheraton). The elevators have these wood panels that […]

Speaking at Local Meetups

One time, back when I lived in Palo Alto a number of years ago, I drove up to San Francisco to speak at the local WordPress meetup. There was maybe 30 people there, hanging out and chattin’ web. I gave a talk about random web stuff I was thinking about at the time. They recorded […]

Remote Documentaries

About people who live in very remote places. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga – Trappers in the heart of the Siberian Taiga Grizzly Man – Another Werner Herzog one, more about bears than just “living”, but super well done. Alone in the Wilderness Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream Antarctica: A Year on Ice […]

Made By: Me

Last week Naysan Naraqi and Josh Janssen from Envato came and shot this short video of me. All the video was recorded in 2 quick days and they had it complete and published before they even left Milwaukee. Pretty impressive! Since being published, I’ve heard from loads of people who connected with some of the […]

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