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Easy to Shop For

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

I wonder if people generally think of themselves as “easy to shop for”. Everyone knows themselves, so it seems like it’s easy to think that. I know I do. I have lots of broad interests. For instance I love music, as most people do, and I would love practical anything music related as a gift. A record or CD. Banjo picks. A book on this history of a certain kind of music. Tickets to a show. Historical memorabilia. I’d love it. Similarly with art or food or dogs or tech.

My family thinks of me as hard to shop for though, which is probably just me coming across in some way I wish I didn’t. Like picky, judgemental, or that I already have everything I’d ever want (that one might have some truth).

I’m not like a master gift giver, but I think I do OK, and I try and start with the idea that nobody is “hard to shop for”. Just think of any conversation you had, any fact about their lives, any personality trait they have, that type of thing, and think of a gift tangential to that.

To Be Young (Is to be Sad, is to Be High)

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

This Ryan Adams song has been earworming me for months.

Different parts of it get into my head. Usually the abrupt minor chord-y chorus:

Oh one day when you’re looking back
You were young and man you were sad
When you’re young you get sad
When you’re young you get sad then you get high

That’s such a beautiful bit. It has a very “Boots of Spanish Leather” feel to it. I didn’t even think of the song as a kinda generic shit-kicking country number, but I think if you didn’t know the tune and flipped to it on the radio that’s how it would feel. Especially the beginning of the verses.

Young boy you done me bad I went and did ya wrong
Young boy you done me bad I went and did ya wrong

The first time I heard it, it was on David Rawlings Machine record. I thought David wrote it, then Googling around led me to all the Ryan Adams stuff. But apparently, they co-wrote it (as mentioned at the top of this video):

Kind of a long time ago, because the Ryan Adams record it came out on was released in 2000.

I like the song no matter how it’s done, but obviously, I’m a little penchant to the fiddle-n-banjo. I’d give my left big toe to have been in that room. Them are the fellas from Old Crow Medicine Show (who now have a new record out that’s as good as their early stuff!):

I’ve always enjoyed Blitzen Trapper too, and it’s cool to hear them do it:

Sometimes the major-seven bridge gets in my head too. I’m not even sure I love that part but it’s just so weird I think it helps make the song.

There are lots of bad covers on YouTube (which I also obsessed over). Here’s one I like:

I’ll refrain from posting my own.