September 2013


Speaking Tips

A friend of mine recently asked me any speaking tips I might have. I don’t have many, but I’m happy to oblige. I’m not saying I’m particularly good at it, but I have spoken at a few pretty cool events. The audience wants you to do well, just respect them Even if it’s true, don’t […]


I recently spent a week at Hilton Head Health. I ended up there rather on a whim. Being overweight is constantly on my mind and several months ago the thought occurred to me to try some kind of adult fat camp. I literally googled that. This article was the first hit. It seemed fairly positive […]

Single Tab

The last few months I’ve been trying this thing where I only have one browser window open. If I’m working on CodePen, I only have that window open. It’s been working pretty well for reducing distractions and being more productive.

Lighting Adapter

Mine wasn’t connecting very well on my iPhone 5. Some cords wouldn’t work at all. Some worked OK. Mostly it was getting that thing where the phone would rapidly toggle between charging and not charging. I cleared some lint out of there at some point which made it better for a week maybe, but then […]


I was recently in Scotland for a trip. Purely for fun, with friends. We stayed in Stirling at a rental home called Newholme House operated by Nikki and David Callander. It was lovely. Here’s some photos, mostly from the house. We took day trips out. One was to Oban, which people may recognize as the […]

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