February 2013


Hey United, Little Help?

Yesterday I had a triple-leg flight: Wellington > Auckland (Air New Zealand) Auckland > San Francisco (Air New Zealand) San Francisco > Orlando (United) Here’s the itinerary I had for that. United Confirmation Number: DCP8G4 The person who printed my boarding passes at the Wellington Airport told me they couldn’t print my United boarding pass, […]

❤ day

Happy Valentines Day! Single folks are often anti-today, but I think it’s great. It’s a celebration of the highly improbable event that two people join together in love. Consider that the average person is likely only attracted to half the population. And only a small fraction of that is near enough to your own age […]

The Trailer Park Boys Test

If you haven’t heard of TPB or don’t like it = neutral. If you love TPB = we’ll get along.

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