October 2012


Ask a Football Player

Question: {{ INSERT ANY QUESTION ABOUT ANYTHING HERE }} Answer: It’s all about playing four quarters. I think we played well but the other team played well too. They took advantage of certain circumstances that arose. It’s a physical game. We tried to capitalize on some mistakes they made. In the third quarter they ran […]

Random Nice Things

This is my favorite knife. This is a very nice portable jambox. These are the best socks.


@chriscoyier You should blog (personal site) a list of really great documentaries. Enjoyed the last one (although slightly creepy). — Christopher Burton (@itschrisburton) October 18, 2012 Home Movie I Like Killing Flies Marwencol Indie Game: The Movie Alone in the Wilderness Some musical favorites Be Here To Love Me Why Old Time? Give Me The […]

Give Me The Banjo

Somehow, despite being a banjo enthusiast, I’d never heard of or seen the documentary Give Me The Banjo. I fixed that last night. It was spectacularly good. Preview of it: It’s narrated by Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin. He’s plays the banjo. I bet you knew that. It’s kind of a funny scourge on […]

Solution to Grill Not Getting Hot

My grill is about a year old. It gets used on average once a week and has gone through maybe 3 or 4 LP tank changes. Not super new, but pretty new. The last few months it’s been really crappy. Just doesn’t get very hot. I did some obvious checking of stuff like making sure […]


If I didn’t have my phone on silent 95% of the time I would totally buy these.

Wuthering Heights

After hating the book as a kid, now I’ve seen a couple movie adaptations and I kinda love it. STOKED for this new one: Kinda sad about the typography though.

Working in Public: Reading is Fundamental

Dan Mall is going to take the working in public idea and go big. He’s working with Reading is Fundamental and an assembled dream-team, to redesign the RIF website. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing updates about this project: the good and the not-so-good, the failures and the victories. So great. This is […]

I need a life manager

My last five phone bills were: $339.93, $217.32, $219.20, $217.09, $217.09. I knew it was too high but I just kept putting off dealing with it. I found out that there was some additional $99.99 and $5.99 international feature tied to the account that I didn’t need. I added it, but was told it was […]

Walter from Fringe on Music

From the season opener of Season 5 of Fringe. Observer: You miss music? Walter: There’s not a lot of it here. Observer: We tolerate it. But it’s merely tones, rhythms, and harmonic vibrations. Walter: Mostly it amazes me. Music helps me shift perspective. To see things differently if you need to. Observer: See things like, […]

Frosty Morn

Taken with the front-facing camera on my brand new (got it today) iPhone 5. I wanted to test it’s audio/video quality a bit, while doing something useful like marking my progress on a particular song (not my best rendition, but alas). I’m now posting it at an airport while tethered to the iPhone 5 which […]

Missing String Band on Live Music Internet Archive

Back in college and just after I was in an old timey(ish) band called The Missing String Band. I recorded some of our shows. I don’t have those recording anymore (who knows) but I had the forsight to upload some of our live shows to the Internet Archive. Like this one. Mostly embarrassing. But I’m […]

Offscreen Magazine No. 3

I was in it. Here’s some photos I took of the print copy I got. Photos were taken by Scott McCormick and Jeff Penman.

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