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Title This

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

My friend Scott McCormick shot this fun series of photos of me. We really threw that TV off the roof, it was awesome. I feel like a strong title would tie them together nicely.

Caught in the Crossfire
Not again, Florence!
The Dangers of City Living, Part One, “Always Look Up”

I suck at titling.




Friday, July 27th, 2012

My mom works at a printing company. They did a survey of their customers. They did it on paper (thinking that to be appropriate for a printer) with a return envelope.

The very first one they got back chastised them for wasting paper and not using SurveyMonkey. So they responded by having the entire company put this in their email signature:

Notice: It’s OK to print this email. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Working forests are good for the environment and provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Thanks to improved forest management, we have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago.


Here’s what I think:

1) Don’t make your entire company do something (ever) based on one survey response. Make decisions based on observed patterns and aggregate data.

2) Don’t use big fat email signatures (ever). They make email threads harder to read. If the environment is a huge deal, remember that’s all the more data that needs to be transferred and stored, which takes power.

3) Don’t get political in business, especially if it’s against popular opinion. Unless you don’t mind if you lose customers due to your righteousness. There are better times and places for political battles and they involve discourse not one-way signals.


Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Featuring the super chill line:

Her flesh was too flithy for the dogs to eat.

Names for the 0:02 videos on your phone where you accidentally had it on video mode instead of camera mode.

Friday, July 20th, 2012

From this tweet, in which you can see some but not all replies. (Is there a good service for that?)

Animated JPGs

The perfect one has yet to be found.