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What Little I Know About Marketing

I didn’t go to school for marketing. I don’t have 20 years of experience in marketing. In fact, marketing has never been officially a part of any job I’ve had. However, I have created stuff that has required marketing and now I have some opinions on it. Instead of being vague, let’s get specific. A […]

Making a Tedious & Thankless Task Feel Good

If you have a blog with comments you get comment spam. Fact of life. There are various ways to fight it, but my favorite is Akismet, which is a web service that determines if a comment is spam or not at the time the comment is made and acts accordingly. That means no stupid captchas […]

Bottle Episode

I found this term particularly hard to Google for, even knowing pretty much exactly what it meant. So, I will blog it, and thus add it to my external brain. A “Bottle Episode” is an episode in an episodic television series that is intended to save money, so that that money may be used for […]

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