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Referral Conundrum

Very regular occurrence: Somebody: Hey we have this project and we need a freelancer, what are your rates? Me: Sorry I don’t freelance. Somebody: Can you please recommend somebody? Me: No, because I don’t know you. You could suck to work with, and then I’d be the asshole. I like to help people, but my […]

Endeavor’s Last Launch

The Endeavor launched this morning for the last time from the NASA Kennedy Space Center Press Site off Pad 39A for the STS-134 mission. It was majestic even from the low quality live streaming video.

Frank Fairfield and the Uncanny Valley

There is a musician by the name of Frank Fairfield. I can’t say exactly but I’d say he’s about in his mid 30’s. He plays what is commonly referred to these days as “Old Time” music. This style of music pre-dates bluegrass. It’s typically banjos (played frailing style), fiddles and sometimes simple guitar. Frank is […]

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