November 2010


iTunes Not Accepting .mp4 Movie (Solution)

Have you ever had an .mp4 movie file that iTunes just won’t accept? It’s a friggin Quicktime formatted movie, Quicktime can play it, iTunes can play Quicktime movies, but for some reason, when you drag the .mp4 movie onto iTunes it just won’t do it’s thing and add it to your library. This .mp4 file […]

My Top 10 Movies

I recently saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and I liked it so much I’ve decided to place it into my Top 10 Movies of All-Time (in no particular order). Since I wasn’t exactly sure what those were, I’ve decided to carve it into the internet. The Big Lebowski Coraline Punch Drunk Love Shawn of […]

Me Whining about TiVo

I loved it. My roommates loved me for having it. That love affair is over. TiVo, you’ve done a lot of things during that time to make me not like you any more.

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