March 2010


Things I Found Interesting Around March 30th

AristoA jQuery UI Theme position:relative and overflow in Internet ExplorerHad this bug come up yesterday. Perplexed me until I found this. I should have known… position: relative has amazing abilities to fix weird bugs. Make the Logo Smaller t-shirt The Avett Brothers / Video interview Internet Explorer UA Style Sheets Making JavaScript And The […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 29th

jPlayer the CSS styleable jQuery audio player plugin Ideas on DesignSome nice design quotes from Thomas Manss & Company Ten word stories The Reality of a Times BestsellerShe’s only earned about half of her 50k advance so far. Movie Recommendations: Web Designer Takeover Part II

Things I Found Interesting Around March 26th

Complaining is SillyAct or Forget MailplaneDesktop app as a Gmail client. Been around a while and I tried it when it was early Beta but couldn’t get the hang of it. I might have to give it a try again as a diehard Gmail user. About Line2Crazy iPhone app that basically replicates the Phone app […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 25th

Database Powered CSS in WordPress Themes “Time Ago” for Posts or Comments Graphics for Mouse Cursors jQuery Reel Plugin Opera Mini 5 on the iPhone CopyPasteCharacter

Things I Found Interesting Around March 24th

CSS3 Animations and Masking TextWorks only in WebKit browsers, but the fallback is acceptable as well. Get Mental Notes Content-Aware Fill Sneak PeekAdobe CS5 is looking like it’s gonna have some awesome stuff… but, is it just more feature bloat with little thought toward helping the UI? Chris Coyier @chriscoyier’s Sleeping ScheduleFind out when people […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 23rd

Well-Placed Pixels Chris GlassIn case you didn’t already know that Chris Glass is a god among men. The Story of Bottled Water…is about as cool as smoking while pregnant. New Type York Health Care ReformRoundup of opinions Why I don’t get SEOI don’t either

Things I Found Interesting Around March 22nd

KEGGERS OF YORE 2010 Wisconsin Football I am not an artistBunch of cool and eerily connected animated GIFs LessConf 3010Nice selection of speakers. Will probably be heading down for it. ManpacksI absolutely signed up for this instantly. I’ve had this idea and did nothing with it for like 10 years. Dynamic Resolution Dependent LayoutsFive years […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 21st

How to Remove XP AntiSpywareGina puts the smack down on some super nasty spyware. But all I can think of is how sad it is that such smart people have to waste so much time and energy on stuff like this. GrubHubI missed their redesign I guess, but it’s super nice White Winter Hymnal (Fleet […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 19th

Rich & Mobile Form DesignVideo presentation The Sixty OneSuper cool way to do a music website. Eddie AdcockGuy plays banjo during brain surgery. Old story but I just love it. SiteSuckerMac program to pull down all the resources from an entire site. As opposed to Firefox/Safari “Save Complete Website” feature which doesn’t grab JavaScript or […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 18th

NES Harmonica Kindle for MacLooks like crap, but it’s nice to have the option of even SEEING the eBooks you’ve bought through the Kindle Store on an actual computer. WordPress Admin Panel TrickAdding ID Field To The Posts Listing A Collection of Free T Shirt Templates Jason Putorti – Revealing Design Treasures From The Amazon […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 17th

MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle 2010This is the third big Mac software bundle recently. Also has some stuff in it I would probably use. fluxiom: Online Media Management YouTube – Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #1 Curtis CSS Typeface Internet Explorer 9: Platform Demos Format CSS OnlineThis one has the features available to allow me to […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 16th

The 4 Types of Emails Programmers Receive WordPress Hosting » MultiEdit PluginPlugin I really gotta check out, looks nice for sites where you need a couple different editable areas per Post/Page, but not custom content types. check.inI guess like if you wanted to check in to Gowalla AND Foursquare AND whatever else, all at once. […]

Things I Pay Monthly For

With the iPad coming out and likely yet another monthly bill in my future, I decided it was time to take stock in the things I pay monthly for. I was thinking it was getting a little out of control, but after writing it all up, I think it’s acceptable as long as I keep watching it like this.

Things I Found Interesting Around March 15th

HTML Email Template Throwdown ContestI love the design effort they put into this kinda stuff at MailChimp TweetyJobs prettyPhoto 3.0: BetaI like the mini slideshow navigation feature altitude 200 memo blockNeat notepad

Things I Found Interesting Around March 13th

Sprint Nextel | Mail-in Rebates from SprintI hate mail in rebates, but this is just my reminder to do this. I bought their portable WiFi thing to see how it works. I have high hopes and low expectations. Hush PuppiesAnother personal reminder to myself to maybe buy these shoes Designing for the Web: A book […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 11th

Lemonade the MovieIt’s not a pink slip. It’s a blank page. 365psdFree Photoshop file a day Five Stars Dominate RatingsYouTube ditches star ratings for thumbs up / down CSS gradient generator Colosseo Letterpress Poster My MacBook Pro Goes Multimonitor Jon Bell on ScrollingI may be missing something, but I honestly don’t understand this. How is […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 10th

The Panic Status Board csv2wufooGet spreadsheet data into Wufoo. Why? Backup… Awesome reports… Rejoining data… Providing an interface to add new data to an old data set… P1000274 Adelle: two weights for free! (Dead link… removing.) Silent Polypropylene Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years Via AudioHung out with this troop this past weekend and early […]

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