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Things I Found Interesting Around November 28th

How I Hire ProgrammersSomeone who’s smart but doesn’t get stuff done should be your friend, not your employee. You can talk your problems over with them while they procrastinate on their actual job. Someone who gets stuff done but isn’t smart is inefficient: non-smart people get stuff done by doing it the hard way and […]

Things I Found Interesting Around November 27th

Dear Mandyan open letter to Lord Mandelson RegExrOnline Regular Expression Testing Tool Node.js… is genuinely exciting. (I hope to be smart enough someday to understand this stuff) Kevin Smith talks about TwilightThere is a plan, and it's working.

Things I Found Interesting Around November 26th

NaNoDrawMo 29Ah yes, the old “I don’t want to draw the rest, so I’ll just put a table there” trick. texts from last nightThe girl next to me in class is taking notes on woman's suffrage with a girls gone wild pen. ‘The Road’ – Reviewwhat we've been given is no more than a reasonable […]


Today is Thanksgiving. I try to be thankful every single day of my life. In fact, the last few months, when I lay down to sleep I literally lie there and think about all the things I am thankful about. I am not a religious man, but I suppose this is my version of prayer. […]

Things I Found Interesting Around November 25th

Smashing Magazine Killed The Community It’s like twitter. Except we charge people to use it.Pie charts RCA student radically improves the UK plug Ollie Promo ShipmentTwitter bird now a little plush toy

Things I Found Interesting Around November 24th

The website owners manualNew book by Paul Boag Oprah To End Her Talk Show"I hope the next big talk show host also talks about books and careers. I don't want to watch daytime TV and feel unproductive." ExpanDrivel » Highway Gothic is the New Helvetica TransformsAwesome test enviornment for CSS3 Transforms New AOL BrandingTo […]

Things I Found Interesting Around November 23rd

We heart printsI love prints. I keep forgetting about this site and then refinding it and have the urge to share it every time. Typographic Chest Hair Zen Coding: A Speedy Way To Write HTML/CSS CodeI am going to consider learning how to use this. Seems worth the time investment. Marc Johns — Original Artwork […]

Things I Found Interesting Around November 12th

YouTube – The Go Programming LanguageIs this going to be a big deal? Maybe. Type for youVery nice free font. IxEdit Learn Your Damn Homophones ModernizrThis is how I would deal with CSS3 stuff on a big major site. Like where you want to use multiple backgrounds but need a fallback better than nothing. Recent […]

Things I Found Interesting Around November 11th

Guest Lists: Volcano ChoirThis is a great way to find new music I think. Read an article of a band you already like talking about bands they like. YouTube – The Dodos – Fables YouTube – Blitzen Trapper: Black River KillerLoved this song for a long time, didn’t know it had a sweet video! Mental […]

Things I Found Interesting Around November 10th

XmarksFoxmarks is now Xmarks, and syncs bookmarks across all browsers on all computers. Pretty cool. The Story of the TapeBeatles album, after they broke up, never released? Cool story. Still don’t like the Beatles. Twitter fave Shit My Dad Says heads to TVWow. A Sitcom already. The Art of Making Super-Fast Vector Illustrations jParsejQuery XML […]

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