August 2009


Things I Found Interesting Around August 28th

Hidden PassagewayHidden Secret Passages, Hidden Doors, Safe Rooms, Secret Vault Doors PDF Piratefree, online and no limits pdf restriction remover. Protected PDF’s piss me off. Gravity FormsForm And Lead Data Management Plugin For WordPress Sturgeonface How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

Things I Found Interesting Around August 27th

Hand Crank Locomotive – PlaygrounderFor rich people’s kids Free Hand-drawn Web Icons SetNice set of hand-drawn icons Designing With Web Standards, 3rd EditionNow with more “how”. I did read the second edition and, while I understand the importance of this book, did find it bland. TypothequeThis is going to be an interesting competitor to TypeKit, […]

Things I Found Interesting Around August 26th

UW Badgers Depth Chart ReleasedSherer is 3rd string QB which is probably good. Surprised to see Brown overtake Clay as starting running back. Wide receivers look good. Lots of new guys on D. In FlightAmazing aeronautical photographs from around the world The Etsy wars: Artisans’ backlash against craft site – Jul. 14, 2009Artisans flocked to […]

Things I Found Interesting Around August 25th

Extreme Makeover: Craigslist EditionWired magazine presents some redesigns of the forever-hideous Craigslist homepage Make Photoshop FasterTwo settings = speed improvement. I made the changes and am hoping for the best ttf2eotInternet Explorer supports @font-face, but it needs EOTs instead of TTF or OTFs, so, this is a converter tool

Things I Found Interesting Around August 24th

Typedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of TypefacesAll star cast of designers and developers built this. Great idea, the world of design needed it. xkcd – A Webcomic – Tech Support Cheat SheetBest possible explanation of how we help our less technologically inclined friends. Uhm, we just “use logic” and try to figure it out.

Things I Found Interesting Around August 23rd

Git | PeepCode Screencasts for Web Developers and Alpha GeeksI should buy this so I can start to understand Git Inspired Interview: Derek HermanI wish I had this dudes job

Things I Found Interesting Around August 21st

Four LOLs = Swastika Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPressI need to get more of my sites using this. I always enjoy lists of related posts on other blogs, which I’m sure is great for pageviews, and yet I never do it. Kind of Bloop: An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of BlueI […]

Things I Found Interesting Around August 20th

WordPress › Search API « WordPress PluginsNew search powers for WordPress via a custom API not yet built into the WordPress core. I really wanna try this both with fulltext search and the Google Search integration. iPhone IconSharp looking icon, just what I needed at the time. Apple – Movie Trailers – AvatarSo this is […]

Things I Found Interesting Around August 19th

SVG images as CSS backgrounds – Helephant.comSVG images are just text so you can create them in any text editor. There are also heaps of tools to that create SVG images. GOTOCHINAThis site has a really nice background image technique I want to try and replicate. Grooveshark Artists: Online Pay-for-Play, Artist Promotions, Fan Analytics, and […]

All Feedback is Welcome said they were shutting down. They said it was an unviable business model (I’m sure it is), while whining heavily about Twitter partnering with People were pissed and worried about link rot. says “Oh wow! You guys DO care about me!!” Plus, more whining about offers $10,000 to take […]

If Twitter Disappeared Tomorrow…

…and all of my history of tweets were gone forever. I would be like “Aw. That’s really a bummer. That was lots of fun while it lasted.” Then I would go make a sandwich.

I Love Email

I wrote a post on CSS-Tricks one time called “Moving Boxes“. I now show up in Google fairly high for this search, and ever since, I get awesome emails like this: HELLO C/S I WANT TO ORDER YOUR MOVING BOXES,BELOW IS THE TYPE OF THE MOVING BOXES THAT I WILL LIKE TO ORDER. 4.5 cubic […]

Super Shipping

I was randomly sitting in a bar this past Saturday with some friends. I got to talking about how awesome I thought the show The Black Donnellys was. I ordered it through my Amazon app on my iPhone. A few hours later, still sitting at the bar, I got an email that my order has […]

Coraline on Blu-Ray

I am super pleased with my recent purchase of Coraline on Blu-Ray. I don’t buy a heck of a lot of DVDs or BluRay discs, but I was just enamored with the awesomeness of Coraline in the theater I had to own it (you know, to go with my poster, soundtrack, and original copy of […]

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