June 2009


If You Say You’re Gonna Play Nice, Play Nice!

Campaign Monitor: Outlook is broken, let’s fix it. Microsoft: There is no widely-recognized consensus in the industry about what subset of HTML is appropriate for use in e-mail for interoperability. The “Email Standards Project” does not represent a sanctioned standard or an industry consensus in this area. Dave Greiner: The only problem is that “broadly […]

Who Cares

Kim Krause: People always ask, “What do you think of my site?” I want to say back to them, “Who cares what I think. Does it meet your site requirements? Has it been tested? Has each requirement been validated? Are your site guidelines being adhered to? Have you checked your logs? Do you have it […]

Bullhonkey on AT&T

I just wanted to help fuel the flames a little bit in the general internet atmosphere of being pissed at AT&T and their dropping the ball with the new iPhone 3GS. Apple goes and throws out $199 and $299 price points on the new models and we ooooh and ahhhh and start dreaming of standing […]

You Never Know

Chris: It was great, it’s all real muscians, no drum circles. Not that there is anything wrong with that… Sarah: Oh, yes there is. Especially if you are trying to nap.

It Changes People

Amy: Since I’ve moved to Brooklyn I’ve turned into kind of a bitch. Chris: What do you mean, do you like shake newspapers and yell at cabbies and shit? Amy (slowly and surely): I go out of my way to ruin other people’s good times.

Protecting Your Coda Saved Sites

Somewhat randomly, after a hard crash on my system, I opened up Coda to find that it was unregistered and all my saved sites were gone. I wasn’t too happy about it, since there were probably 20 in there that I would have to dig through all kinds of old emails again to dig up […]

Hard Times, Good Times

Nearly every single incredibly great memorable experience in my life, in retrospect, has something to do with hard times. Rigging up an old fridge in college into a kegerator since buying beer by the barrel was clearly the economical way to go. Playing cards by candlelight all night long when the power went out after […]

In These Hard Economic Times….

I bought a few magazines to read on the plane recently. I read them cover to cover. I bet 2/5 of the articles start with a sentence like “In these hard economic times…” or “With the current state of our economy…”. And 3/5 of them use a sentence like that somewhere in it. Even when […]

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