My Office

Office at home in Palo Alto

You know what they say: cheap tables and expensive chairs. I took that to heart with my cheap plastic fold-out banquet table and Herman Miller chair. I exclusively use one MacBook Pro, so my exact design and development environment comes with me wherever I go. At home at this desk, I have my Drobo for mega media storage and backup, a 27″ Cinema display, and super ergonomic Microsoft keyboard and Kensington trackball. Underneath, in the gross tangle of wires, is an APC power supply which has saved me through countless power outages. Albiet more often back in my Mac Pro days. The speakers are Harmon Kardon Soundsticks which sound and look wonderful. The printer is a WiFi enabled Brother laser printer which is the most recent addition and has convinced me to never go back to slow, expensive, garbage inkjets. The microphone is a rode podcaster set in a mini boom stand.


  1. David Hollander says:

    Awesome! I love this… I see you have the world’s best keyboard (if it wasn’t for that darn F-Lock key).

  2. Nojan A. says:

    Very nice Environment to work in. i love the outside view too. and i thought you use apple keyboards.. im using this ergonomic bad boy too. it feels really great.

  3. Tim Wright says:

    It looks like you vacuumed right before taking that picture. Nice set up.

  4. Senff says:

    Oh man, the cable spaghetti on the floor. Not as much as most other people but COME ON can’t you find a system to keep that out of view?

    Just kidding. I want that chair and those speakers.

  5. Chris says:

    I heard that mousepads with an wrist cushion are actually worse for you than a flat mousepad. I find that as long as my arm is 90degrees to my shoulder and can access the mouse without strain that is the best solution. I also have the little brother to the Aeron called the Sayl chair. Its fun.

  6. Very nice! No need to waste money on a nice table when a fold up will do the same. My three screens and custom built pc sit on the same type of plastic fold up table. I do need a more comfortable chair though.

    Looks Good.

  7. Neri says:

    I love it! Simple and functional!

  8. andres says:

    Nice, specially for the Microsoft keyboard

  9. Fardeem Munir says:

    Hey Chris,
    you are on a amc right? Does your keyboard support shortcuts like the command key of an apple keyboard? Please reply!