Throw Back the Dead Man’s Coin

Love this. (Found via Eric Meyer’s Facebook.) But I don’t think anyone really has ideals. What we have is a tangled mess of ad-hoc opinions, constantly sliding past each other in search of a position that favors itself most, like a 5-gallon bucket of earthworms.

35 at 35

I’m turning 35 later year so I thought I’d write down some important things I’ve learned. Always hang out with people smarter than you. Or is it people like the same pizza toppings as you? No wait— it’s people that are up for hanging out that aren’t trying to friggin judge how smart you are, […]


My trip to Columbia and New York was EPIC. I just have to write it all down to memorialize it. First stop was Columbia. I arrived a day earlier than everyone else and stayed at the Sheraton downtown. It’s a very nice, old-feeling hotel (especially for a Sheraton). The elevators have these wood panels that […]

Speaking at Local Meetups

One time, back when I lived in Palo Alto a number of years ago, I drove up to San Francisco to speak at the local WordPress meetup. There was maybe 30 people there, hanging out and chattin’ web. I gave a talk about random web stuff I was thinking about at the time. They recorded […]