I think a ton of people feel the deepest RPG nostalgia for The Legend of Zelda series or Final Fantasy. I played most of those, too, and loved them. My two absolute favorites, though, were: Crystalis Ultima: Exodus

My Life in 2016

I get to do amazing things in life. I should probably write them down. As I was doing this, I was rather astounded how busy a year can be. Especially in realizing that these were only the big highlights. This doesn’t reflect all the little day-to-day stuff and in-town events that I’d consider just as […]

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

I bought this game for PS4. I played it for about 30 minutes before I was like… this is absolutely beautiful and haunting, but I’m already frustrated. It’s kinda like a harder/creepier Firewatch. The game literally warns you at the start that it will not be holding your hand. You just walk around and explore […]

“Milwaukee Sucks For Startups”

Good writing by Bryant Randall, responding to Wisconsin being “dead last”, again, for startups.. Some choice quotes: On paper, I’m everything the city says it wants. Every opportunity afforded to me, diverse, I grew up affluent, college educated, with good credit and a head full of market vetted ideas – yet I can get nowhere […]

100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

I think this list is pretty close to perfect. With the glaring exception of Northern Exposure, which I’d write off as “I’m just a crazed super fan and maybe it’s not really as good as I think it is.” Except that #1 is (spoiler alert) The Sopranos in which they write: [it kicked] off a […]