I Lava You

I wish you could watch the video too, but the song alone is awesome.


Kitt Hodsden and I think alike: Last time I went to buy socks, I bought 32 pairs of socks, all white, all of the same style. These 32 pairs of socks replaced the remaining 10 pairs of white socks I had purchased years before. I had decided long ago to optimize for efficiency, both at […]

The Fermi Paradox

This is my favorite article on the internet I think. It puts a bunch of numbers on the chances of other life in our galaxy. There are a lot of Earths out there: So there are 100 Earth-like planets for every grain of sand in the world. Think about that next time you’re on the […]

Why Are You So Angry?

Ian Danskin’s 6-part series digging into angry behavior and where it comes from. Start at part one. I think he puts a pretty good finger on it. In part two, he uses an analogy where you offer someone a drink at a party, they respond with “I don’t drink” and you feel a little judged […]