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Made By: Chris Coyier (CodePen)

The Web Platform Podcast
27: Building CodePen


Developer Tea
12: Chris Coyier, Part Two – Getting Good At Pretty Much Anything

Front-End Developer Podcast
Web Application Makeover: How to use custom fonts and @font-face | Episode 6

The Web Ahead
The Latest in CSS with Chris Coyier

Dorm Room Tycoon
How to Teach and Build an Audience

Show Me Your Mic
Chris Coyier

The Gently Mad
Chris Coyier

The Big Web Show
74: Chris Coyier

An Event Apart
Tricky CSS and Talking Shop: An Interview With Chris Coyier

Post Status
Chris Coyier on WordPress, business, and building the web

Pencil vs Pixel

How to Hold a Pencil
018: Chris Coyier

An Interview with CSS Expert Chris Coyier on Front-End Dev, UX, and Accessibility

Finely Tuned Consultant – Chris Coyier

Show Me Your Mic
Chris Coyier

CSS-Tricks – Chris Coyier

The East Wing
Episodes #6 and #63

With Chris Coyier

Offscreen Magazine
Issue 3

Net Magazine
Chris Coyier on life in the CSS trenches (also was in print magazine)

Net Magazine
Chris Coyier on CodePen and the CSS-Tricks redesign

Chris Coyier on Life, Work and Eighteen Years as a Mac User

An Interview With Chris Coyier – Founder of CSS-Tricks

Unmatched Style
Chat Session: Chris Coyier

Non Breaking Space
ShopTalk Show Crossover

Unmatched Style
HTML5 & CSS Pseudo Elements

The Industry
#2: Responsive Sass, Awkward Hugs

Development, Mobile: CSS Trickster Chris Coyier

One Two One Two Microphone Check
The Work Questionnaire

Kern and Burn
Day 80

Checking in with Chris Coyier

VaultPress Blog
VaultPress Stories:

Roll Your Own Creative
An Interview with Chris Coyier

Interview with Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and Digging into WordPress

Interview with Chris Coyier – Founder of CSS-Tricks

An Interview With Chris Coyier And Win A Copy Of Digging Into WordPress

The WordPress Podcast
Digging into CSS Trickery & WordPress

jQuery Podcast
Chris Coyier

Heart Internet Official Blog
Interview with’s Chris Coyier

Six Questions with Chris Coyier

The Stock Well
7 Questions with Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks

Unmatched Style
Interview with Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and Wufoo

The Geek Talk
Chris Coyier

Interview with Chris Coyier: Creating Tutorials

Colourful Code
Interview with Chris Coyier

Freelance Review
Chris Coyier Digs Into WordPress

Interview With Chris Coyier From CSS-Tricks

Blogging Pro
Interview with ‘Digging into WordPress’ and ‘CSS-Tricks’ Rockstar Extraordinaire Chris Coyier
An Interview with Chris Coyier

Design Investigator
How To Run a Successful Blog

User Interface Trends
Interview with Chris Coyier: Random Thoughts on the Future of Web Design

All about CSS-Tricks and more with Chris Coyier

Liquid Sky Design
Chris Coyier: arts behind the man and viceversa – (semi) serious interview with CSSTricks frontman

David Costales Blog
Interview with Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks

Fuel Your Coding
Interview with Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks

Tom’s Big Box
Interview with Chris Coyier

Wildfire Marketing Group
Thought Leader Thursday – Chris Coyier

An Interview With Web Designer/Blogger Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks
Designers and the Pursuit of Personal Projects

(group) The Creative Lab
How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Interview With Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks

Webdesign K
Interview: Chris Coyier

Meet the One – Chris Coyier

Chatting with Chris Coyier

The Design O’Blog
10 Questions with Chris Coyier
How do you Twitter: Chris Coyier?

5 Questions with Chris Coyier from CSS-Tricks
Interview with Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks

The WordPress Podcast
Episode 44 (audio, starts at about 58 minutes in)
Exclusive interview with Chris Coyier, owner of CSS Tricks
Favorite Design-Related Sites of 21 Designers
Röportaj: Chris Coyier (Turkish language site, but original English version is posted also)
Chris Coyier – June Interview
Featured ScrnShots’ User: Chris Coyier
Chris Coyier: The guy who showed us how Beautiful HTML Codes Looks like
Chris Coyier: the man behind CSS- Tricks