Family Trip to Seaside, Oregon

May 2021

We stayed at a cute little house in Seaside. We have pretty good luck booking houses through Meredith Lodging. The location of this house wasn’t right on the beach, but it was only a few blocks off and otherwise the location was pretty nice.

It was about a 5-hour drive for us. At least an hour longer than driving to a coast town like Newport, which we’ve done in the past. Ruby is pretty good in the car, but we had take breaks. All of us get pretty wiggly by the end of it.

The fauna is so much different than in Bend.

We got there on Friday and just stayed in. We played in the hot tub at the house. We got takeout from Angelinas, which is a damn fine pizza place! We didn’t even get pizza because the sandwiches looked so good (and were). Get the Italian Roast Beef.

Saturday morning we went for a walk over to Dough Dough Bakery for breakfast. Satisfying biscuits. It was only 8:30ish in the morning but lapidary across the street (Shamous’es Rocks) was already open so we popped in. Shamouses was a bit of a character (a bit over-share-y about having COVID twice! This town is all about money, but not me!) but was ultimately a nice guy. He let Ruby pick out 5 sand dollars for free. Miranda was able to find a little bit of her birth stone Tanzanite and I got a stone I just thought was neat looking. He did most of his rock digging in Central Oregon over by us: Madras/Prineville/Powel Butte.

We ended up getting a donut from a donut shop as well.

Ruby just ate the chocolate off the top which is the ultimate Ruby thing to do

While we were tromping around the downtown, we stumbled across the little “mall” that had the carousel in it. We popped in and did that (twice):

Then played in the arcade:

Ruby digs the claw games.
Ruby got a balloon and promptly let it go and it floated to the ceiling. The place literally had a gigantic arm to get it down because it must happen all the time.

We also crunched a penny in penny crunching machine, which is kinda for me because I think these things are cool:

It actually started to get nice out on Saturday, so we rented a “Surrey Bike” (like a golf cart with pedals) and drove it around a bit.

How cute are these two girls right?

In the afternoon it was even nice enough to hit the beach!

For dinner, we absolutely couldn’t resist this!!!

Just a burger joint but it was actually pretty damn good.

Random interesting note, the new-ish convention center downtown had a time capsule buried outside to be opened in 2100.

Sunday it was super rainy all day. 😢 It was OK because there was enough stuff to do inside both at home and at places like the little aquarium:

The big draw to this place was that you get to feed seals. We did it, but I didn’t manage to get a photo because it was a little intense. It was a small constrained area, and the seals are very aggressive at splashing water at you to try to get you to throw the little cut fish to them. We were already wet and cold, getting colder and wetter, and it was all a bit much. It probably would have been more fun on a hot dry day where the splashing would be more welcome.

Still, it had a little hands-on area and stuff. It was fun.

No complaints about Una Ves Mas mexican restaurant for dinner. The drinks were maybe better than the food though.

We drove home Monday, shopping at Camp 18 Restaurant which was maybe the most vacation-y feeling place we went the whole time. It was like a massive log cabin set in the beautiful woods along a lovely clear creek with lots of birds. Get the cinnamon role (the size of your head).

Great trip overall. Seaside is very touristy. I’d go back in a heartbeat if there was more of a pack of kids that was going or multiple families. But for more chill trips to the coast, I think I’d rather explore other towns. I’ve long wanted to check out Yahats and Miranda has been eyeing up Bandon.