August 2023


A lot of stuff is just fine.

Robin, after noticing that most print books are perfectly fine (decent type, decent cover, decent paper), notices that most websites are not fine: The baseline for websites is not great. Okay, fine: most websites are pure, unadulterated, straight-up bad. Bad from top to bottom, bad from left to right. There’s no denying it, as much […]

Varying Sizes of Radio Buttons

When I was looking at what looks like the “official” online personality test for Meyers-Briggs when I was spouting off about personality tests, I noticed that their radio button choices were actually kinda cool: I like how, visually, the larger radio buttons imply “more”. I can’t 100% vouch for the accessibility of their solution, but […]

The State of API-Powered Publishing to Social Media Networks

If you’re blogging like I’m doing here, it’s nice to be able to kick your posts out automatically to social networks (in addition to RSS). A reasonable list right now: There are many more sites we’d consider social networks, but they aren’t as obviously a good fit for sharing blog posts. Instagram is a big […]

Personality Buckets

I think there are some personality traits that are pretty damn useful to know about yourself and others. For example: the spectrum between introversion and extroversion is real and has really helped me understand myself. But some personality trait frameworks seem like utter nonsense to me. Some people put stock behind their astrological signs. But […]

iPad Tethering

I never even ask what the WiFi is at coffee shops and hotels. I have AT&T cell service, and the plan I have includes a “Mobile Hotspot”. I flip that sucker on, and now my phone is my WiFi. I find it’s usually faster and more reliable to use than some arbitrary shared WiFi, and […]


My birthday! I got to sleep in a bit. 7:30! What! It was even planned that way because we had a big day ahead. 43. Prime number. It’s always easy to remember how old I am since I’m an “eighty baby”, as in, born in 1980. Nice even number. It’s not hard to figure out […]

What if you did {X} every single day?

I saw this funny comic in Outside magazine from Brendan Leonard where he did a one-minute plank every day for four months. Did it turn out to be… good? It sounds like not really. Like possibly, his core is a little stronger, but that’s unclear, and he certainly didn’t develop any love for doing it. […]

Trek FUEL EXe 9.8 XT

I got a new bike the other day! The make and model is up in the title there. I was camping up in Port Townsend, and I saw several fellow campers had brought their mountain bikes and I was envious. Ever since breaking my arms mountain biking I haven’t mountain biked. I’ve done plenty of […]

Intense Running Races

There is a 2015 documentary about the Barkley Marathons. It’s plural because it’s a race that consists of 5 loops, which are all about a marathon long, making for somewhere around 100 miles. There are all sorts of wild details, like running through the night in the woods, finding book pages, not knowing when it […]


Beeper is a really cool app idea (and name!). The big idea is that it combines all your chat apps into one. I installed it on my Mac and iPhone and configured it to work with: All of them worked. But it supports even more than that! That’s pretty wild to me. It’s kinda surprising […]


I’ve always liked tools help me do DevOps-ish stuff but make it easy and have a UI. For example, I used MAMP back in the day because it ran (on my Mac) MySQL, Apache, and PHP, which was the stack for like every CMS. MAMP is still a thing, but I’ve happily moved on to […]

How do I save links for later?

You’d think this would have a simple obvious answer, but in mulling it over recently, how I do this is actually a decent chunk of my internettin’ time and has an algorithm of sorts. When I’ve got a URL on my hands that I need to get back to, there are three broad buckets: Which […]

Finding a Moment in a Podcast

I just blogged about a little moment in a podcast that stuck with me. I remembered a little micro comment about how rabbits eat their young sometimes. I wanted to listen to it again. How do I find it? Their podcast page/notes don’t have “jump links” of any sort. They don’t do transcripts, so I […]

The Pick & Choose

Great episode of You’re Wrong About: Lesbian Seagulls. It’s this look at β€” not just Seagulls β€” but the history of science observing same-sex pairings in nature. You’d think, because of the nature of science, people would just observe and report things as they happen. Like, what good is science if you don’t do that? […]

How have you stayed motivated to work on the same thing in the same space?

A friend asked me that recently, adding: “Do you ever just wake up and think wow I just truly don’t care?” I like the question because, frankly, I do have a decent tenacity for my projects. CSS-Tricks was about 15 years old when I sold it. It’s been almost 12 years since I started working […]

JSX without React

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want to use the JSX syntax but not need React. It’s a decent templating language that I bet a lot of people are quite comfortable with. Here’s a contrived example: If you were using React, you’d use ReactDOM: But that’s client-side. ReactDOM has a way to get it as […]

Brush & Floss

The wall art at my dentist is really straightforward: It’s not trying to be beautiful. It’s not funny. It’s not a metaphor. It’s not subversive. It’s not even a platitude, really. It’s just a reminder, I guess? Some words? The only thing it’s missing is a QR code that takes you to a website that […]

A Visit to Alaska (July 2023)

The cover image of my Facebook profile has looked like this since about a week after that photo was taken in 2015: I like that photo. It was taken in Haines, Alaska at Portage Cove State Recreation Site. I was younger then, so I suppose it’s unfair to keep that up forever. I’m older now. […]

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